Innovation is driven by research, and at Vespucci Collective it is a core value. We’re researching ways to improve our cultivation practices and produce great products out of hemp. Our cultivation property on Oahu will include a state-of-the-art greenhouse, research laboratory, and product manufacturing research area, all utilizing cutting-edge research equipment. Our goal is to produce scientifically credible and academically formatted research studies that enable a faster development of the hemp industry in the State of Hawaii and beyond. We’re partnered with Melody Heidel and Dr. Qing Li’s laboratory at University of Hawaii’s CTAHR (College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources). Dr. Li and Ms. Heidel were researchers on the original State of Hawaii Hemp Pilot research project, with extensive knowledges in a variety of pertinent areas. We also have some research partnerships in the works with UCLA’s Cannabis Research Initiative.


Cultivation methods Research

Our research into cultivation procedures is largely concerned with how to best optimize different strains of hemp for growth in Hawaii and different end uses. Research projects include topics like Harvest Intervals, Crop Spacing, Canopy Maintenance, Carbon Sequestration, and Soil Content.


Genetics and Breeding Research

We’re exploring a variety of ways to breed a genetically optimized varietal of hemp, exploring genes responsible for promising traits like disease resistance or plant size. Research projects include topics like Clone Isolation, Feminization, cannabinoid-gene modulation, Genetic Drift, and Stress-Induced Genes.

Product Processing and MANUFACTURING Research

Cultivating hemp is only the first half of the equation; creating exceptional products using hemp is the goal. We’re starting by examining 5 core product areas that we believe stand to create the largest socioeconomic benefits, those areas being: CBD, Textiles, Biofuel, Bioplastics, and Materials.