Vespucci Collective


Vespucci Collective Inc. is an industrial hemp resource company that plans to diversify into several areas of hemp product manufacturing. Our company was conceived out of a desire to preserve and protect the beautiful natural environment of the Hawaiian islands where our founders grew up, while providing a prosperous socioeconomic opportunity for the people of Hawai’i. We’re utilizing cutting-edge scientific methods across several disciplines to create truly sustainable agriculture and product manufacturing. Hemp can be refined into over 20,000 industrial products, ranging from CBD (cannabidiol) to bioplastics. As one of the first recipients of an industrial hemp permit in the State of Hawai’i, our company is aiming to become an integral part of the quickly emerging U.S. hemp industry. We are collaborating and forming strategic partnerships with farmers, land owners, universities, and other innovators to make this goal a reality. Join us on our voyage to modernize hemp and American agriculture.



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